I'm alive. If you're reading this, then you are as well. Congratulations and welcome to the performance. You may call me Uni and you can expect the following: Morality. Human Rights. Politics. Compositions. Theories. Inquiries. Film. Anime. Music. Transformers. Homestuck. Hannibal. Pacific Rim. Studio Ghibli.
A Brand of Universal Relevance

Look. My face. I’m alive. Just worried about things. Someone had asked me to post something a while ago— look my hair got a little longer (I’ve really been trying to take care of it, I want Rapunzel-length locks by the time I graduate ;> ) and I lost about 10 lbs since June.

So… yeah!

this has been a psa about uni's life my life my face? the woman the face the leeeeegend